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“Evaluating Material Removal and Surface Modification Systems” 

This book is 278 pages of text, photo’s, drawings, diagrams, and charts.

Any part that is either machined, molded, or fabricated in some way normally needs to be deburred or prepared for a protective surface finish to fit, form and function properly. The cover of the book shows a surface finishing symbol and below that is a description of how mechanical systems work, “The application of energy + pressure + hardness of the media and material + the rate, amount, and time of material removal and surface modification. “. However, the book also describes  and evaluates other non-mechanical systems and how they work as well.

This book establishes standards method for evaluating all material removal processes, how fast these systems work and what limitations they have regarding part volume, size, shape and finish. There are 6 process classifications described and special emphasis on mass finishing machines and supplies.

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The author, Anthony F. Kenton has been in the mass finishing industry for over 30 years and has owned his own company since 1988, Nova Finishing Systems Inc. He has a technical patent on equipment he has designed and has written and published over 15 technical article in all the major surface finishing publications.

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