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                                         NOVA-HUTSON CENTRIFUGAL DISC FINISHERS


Disc Finishing Technology

The disc finisher is the newest technology of mass finishing equipment and one of the fastest systems in terms of speed or cycle times. The disc finisher produces very high energy centrifugal forces and pressure unmatched by other generations of mass finishing equipment.

Energy and forces are generated to produce pressure by a spinning bottom disc that propel parts and media against a stationary side wall container or bowl. The higher the energy and the higher the mass the greater the pressure the shorter the time cycle. E+M=P or E+M=T.

            First generation barrel tumbling systems operate at one force of gravity or 1 g of pressure. Second generation vibratory systems produce 8 to 10 g’s of pressure and third generation centrifugal systems produce 20-24 g’s. That pressure relates to time as follows: For every 100 minutes a barrel tumbler operates, a vibratory system will produce the same results in 10 minutes and a centrifugal system equals 1 minute. 


Nova-Hutson Construction Specifications


The standard DF-12 disc finisher is of one piece flat curved wall bowl construction and has provisions for a 3/8 I.D.tubing inlet supply of air or liquid compound with a 3/4x5/8 fitting for 5/8 I.D. tubinng outlet fittings and plumbing. The DF-10 and DF-14 have a metal casing and 16 sided urethane wall construction. These machines are considered Quick Change Products because they can be re-worked by the end user. These systems have both a 3/4x5/8 fitting for 5/8 I.D. tubing inlet and outlet elbow plumbing fittings for wet systems and 1" fittings and tubing for dry air systems. The DF-12 can not be re-worked by the end user and must be returned for rework and replacement parts. All bowls are locked into place for normal operations and the whole upper bowl assembly is manually tilted to dump its contents once a latch released.

The DF-18 disc finisher is a free standing 1 cu.ft. self contained machine system that has a manual tilt platform mechanism. This system features the 16 sided bowl construction with a high-lift design that intensifies deburring and polishing action and comes with an attached control panel.


Optional Variations

            All optional features are shown on the price sheet after the price by a numbered footnote. For general information and comparison, the following designations denote differences:          

S          Model version has a composite steel and 16 sided urethane bowl, urethane rings and spinner. Smallest dimensional part recommended is .125 inches larger. 

I           Model version has carbide coated steel wear ring parts and a tolerance gap of .010 good for the smallest of parts.

SP        Model version has a solid tungsten carbide coated wear ring parts for extremely long life and a tight tolerance gap of .005.  

NOTE: 1. All DF-14 machines come with a clear polycarbonate cover lid that seals
                  the work chamber bowl. It serves to deaden sound and as an attachment for a vacuum                          cleaner hose for better air flow purging for dry operations.   

   2. All machine systems can be purchased with a variable speed motor at extra cost.

   3. The DF-10,12, & 14  can be purchased with the D3 Liquid Dispensing/ Re-Circulating
                  Tank System and work platform for additional cost. This system takes the place of the
                   former Cell Star turnkey system.

              4. All machine systems can be purchased with a water and compound feed system.               


Exclusive Toroidal Action 
Provides High Energy 
Surface Finishing Results 
The Disc Finisher utilizes a high speed disc
with a unique X,Y, & Z centrifugal torodial action 
or flow pattern of abrasives and parts to create 
greater pressure and speed to produce uniform 
deburring , polishing, and surface finishing. 
The disc accelerates parts and media out
from the center on the disc to the bowl walls
and the speed lifts the media up the walls 
where it decelerates and returns to the center of the disc. This produces a uniform mechanical action on anything within the flow pattern of the media. The results are greater pressure equals greater material removal in a shorter period of time.


Part Size
Bowl I.D.
.18 Cu.Ft.
9 Pts.
.36 Cu.Ft.
3 gals.
.45 Cu.Ft.
4 gals.

[1] NOTE: All machine models occupy 30” lgth. x 14”wdth. X 21” ht. Ship weight DF-10 = 135 lbs. The DF-12 & 14=150 lbs.


Standard Product

DF-12  on D3

The DF-12 is our economic model disc 
finishing machine designed for bench top applications. These low price units
feature urethane to urethane gaps suitable for
wet processing . 

Also Available: Special purpose DF-12 
SP construction with a .005 inch metal to 
metal gap capable of running wet or dry
with 0.5mm or smaller media which is 
particularly efficient for handling small all metal, 
parts to .010 in in wire size.



                            NOVA-HUTSON DISC FINISHER 
                                      Quick Change Product


 DF-10 mounted on EZ dump base.

The DF-10 and DF-14 above are specially 
designed so that all wearing parts can be
replaced in the field by the customer. This
includes the spinner wear ring and bowl wear 
ring not possible with the DF-12. 

Other unique features of the quick change 
products are that they are flexible and can 
be used for both wet and dry processing.


DF-14 mounted on EZ Dump base.

The DF-14 has 25% greater capacity than the DF-12. The bowls are also designed with 16 flat internal sides to resist parts from sticking.

Both the DF-10 and DF-14 have double water seals with the new “Tattle Tale” indicator that gives advanced warning for bearing protection.

NOTE: Both the DF-10 and DF-14 can use the same machine bases as the DF-8 and DF-12.



                              NOVA-HUTSON DRY DISC FINISHER

DF-14 Dry Finishing System with blower

Is a self-contained system for deburring and
surface finishing of parts. Just Add Air.

Wet and Dry Cell Star Products features a disc finisher with a variable speed drive, timer, and a complete liquid re-circulating and
separation system. The tank holds
90 gallons and has a floating re-circulating
pump. The hinged machine base system sits on top of the re-circulating tank system with aluminum metal supports. Fastening holes are not supplied. These are to be done after location is determined for dump provision

The re-circulating system requires 10 square
feet of floor space and does not need to be 
near a water source.

The dry cell star unit is the perfect compliment
for the wet cell star, because most dry systems
use less aggressive media for small and light
material removal and polishing. Dry systems are
also necessary for working small and flat parts.

Optional Features include a variable speed drive, an air blower or a dust collector or vacuum cleaner. Also available  is a screen separation system.

Most dry polishing media and treated materials work better at above ambient temperatures. The Cell Star air heater can obtain temperatures of 160 degrees F. in less than 10 minutes and accelerate final polishing. 

               DF-14  disc finisher onD3 dumping                                      DF-12 on D3 dumping showing quick release mechanism

 NOTE: The new D3 work platform will accommodate the standard DF-10,
 DF-12, DF-14 or DF-18 bench system.



            Single Source for Solving Surface Finishing Problems
                              NOVA-HUTSON DISC FINISHER
                       DF-18 XVI with the exclusive HI-LIFT action

The DF-18 XVI is a one cubic foot system that can be
used for either wet or dry processing.

The DF-18 is designed with the new and exclusive HI-LIFT 
action and the quick change 16 sided bowl with a new 
spinner shape. This system moves your parts to and up 
the wall face for more aggressive parts movement and 
less part-on-part impingement.

This system features a disc finisher, 
a variable speed drive, timer, and 
either wet or dry optional accessories
More flexibility can be achieved with
an optional pc-type control device 
that makes it easy to program for 
automated production cycles. 


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